Product Spotlight: Birkenstock Mayari

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When you think of Birkenstock, we bet what comes to mind is the classic two-strap Arizona sandal. This ultra-functional, adjustable, and comfortable sandal is probably the best-known of Birkenstock's footwear offerings, but it's far from the only one! Birkenstock sells everything from boots and clogs to socks and care kits, and of course they sell other styles of sandals. Let us introduce you to one of those other Birkenstock sandal styles today: the graceful and feminine Birkenstock Mayari!


Birkenstock Mayari in Stone BirkibucBirkenstock Mayari in Silver Birko-Flor

The Birkenstock Mayari in Stone Birkibuc and the Birkenstock Mayari in Silver BirkoFlor. Also available in a variety of other colors.

This fabulous cross-strap sandal is perfect for days when you need to add a little extra flair to your outfit but don't want to sacrifice comfort. Available in a huge variety of colors, the Mayari is easy to fit into any wardrobe whether you're an all-black everything kind of gal, a lover of pastels and floral prints, or somewhere in between. The Mayari features the original Birkenstock footbed with a deep heel cup, pronounced arch support, and ability to mold to your foot as you wear it. The crossed straps are thinner than the straps of the Arizona for a delicately refined look and also feature a toe loop and adjustable buckles to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Mayari is your new summer go-to for those dressy-casual occasions. It's the perfect companion to jeans, capris, shorts, maxi skirts — the Mayari will add a touch of easy grace to any outfit you might wear!

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