Product Spotlight: Camellia from Work Wonders by Dansko

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Work Wonders by Dansko

The name "Dansko" has always been synonymous with unparalleled comfort. Medical professionals, food service workers, janitorial staff, and other workers who spend lots of time on their feet and need a comfortable, non-slip work shoe swear by the Dansko brand. So, why would such a popular brand create an offshoot like Work Wonders by Dansko? What's the difference? And why should you try one of our favorite Work Wonders by Dansko products, the Camellia? We're here to answer all those questions and more today on the blog!

About the Brand

Dansko, the parent company of Work Wonders by Dansko, was founded in 1990 by husband-and-wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. Mandy and Peter, who were horse trainers by profession, discovered closed-back clogs in a tiny shop in Denmark. They brought the clogs home with them, and were impressed by the comfort and versatility of these simple shoes. Mandy and Peter decided to begin producing the shoes in America, and thus Dansko, which means "Danish shoe", was born. Since then, Dansko shoes have won numerous awards, including recognition for Design Excellence by Footwear Plus Magazine. In 2012, Dansko became 100% employee-owned, reinforcing the idea that each and every Dansko worker is fully invested in creating top-quality shoes.

Dansko clogs are well-known and well-loved by professionals in all sorts of industries. Their distinctive construction — loose at the heel, roomy toe box, hefty rocker bottom, and stable inner frame — makes them a sturdy and comfortable shoe choice for many. However, this characteristic design also meant that people looking for a lighter-weight, more flexible shoe were often disinterested in the Dansko clog. The introduction of the Work Wonders line offers Dansko clog comfort with some new upgrades.

The Work Wonders line offers 11 special features: shock absorption, energy return, removable footbeds, slip resistance, durability, easy cleaning, lightness, odor control, arch support, non-marking soles, and moisture-wicking antimicrobial linings. Unlike more traditional clogs (like the Dansko Pro XP), the Camellia offers a flexible sole. If the rocking motion of the clogs turned you off the brand, this new line may be the shoe for you! Where Dansko clogs feature a loose heel that allows the back of the foot to move up and down in the shoe, Work Wonders have a tight-fitting heel that prevents this motion. Finally, the new Work Wonders by Dansko feature removable footbeds, giving the wearer the option to insert their own custom orthotics or other inserts, allowing for customization of comfort. 

You don't have to just "deal with" foot pain at the end of a long day. Wearing unsupportive shoes can cause serious foot health issues like plantar fasciitis, not to mention daily aches and pains that may even interfere with your ability to work. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you need a comfortable, stable, supportive work shoe like the Work Wonders by Dansko. If you've never tried a Dansko or Work Wonders shoe, you don't know what you're missing!

Today we're focusing on the Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia. Work Wonders by Dansko also offers the  Coral, a clog with twin elastic goring at the instep; the Carnation, a cozy backless mule; and the Clover, a cute, work-ready Mary Jane.

The Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia

Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia in Black Leather       Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia in Botanical Patent

Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia in Black Leather and Botanical Patent.

The Camellia is basic and simple-looking, but you'll be amazed by the many exciting features hidden away in this apparently simple footwear:

  • Upper. The upper is crafted from durable "wipe-clean" leather, so no matter what splatters on your toe, you can easily wipe it off to leave your shoes looking as good as new.

  • Removable footbed . A PU foam footbed offers cushioning, shock absorption, and energy return, but it's easily removable to accommodate custom orthotics if you need them.

  • Midsole. The Camellia's lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shock and combats fatigue, so your feet feel as great when you leave work as when you walked in.

  • Lining. The lining of the Camellia not only wicks away moisture to keep your foot cozy and dry, it's treated with Aegis Microbe Shield® to fight bacteria and Cleansport NXT® organic odor control so your foot smells fresh and clean all day long.

  • Sole. The outsole of the Camellia has been tested for slip resistance on dry, wet, and oily indoor surfaces, so you know it'll perform even in dangerous conditions. Its patent-pending rubber pads are not only traction-enhancing, they are non-marking and highly durable. You can depend on the Camellia's sole to keep you on your feet all day, every day!
  • Price. The Dansko Pro XP can sell for up to $149.95, making the $99.95 price tag of the Camellia a competitive option for Dansko comfort and style without breaking the bank.*

All the Camellia's technical specs are impressive, but it's also really cute! You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, from basic Black or White Leather to bright, colorful patterns like Navy Floral Patent or Charcoal Multi Patent. Many versions of the Camellia are made of shiny patent leather, while some are rich, matte leather. Whether your sense of style leans more toward sophisticated or fun and bold, there's a Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia that will fit right into your wardrobe.

Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia in Multi-Leopard Patent

    Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia in White Leather

Work Wonders by Dansko Camellia in Multi Leopard Patent and White Leather.

If you're a doctor or nurse, you owe it to yourself to give the Camellia a try. At the end of a long day of saving lives, your feet will thank you! Anyone who spends hours on their feet will appreciate the Camellia as well as the rest of the Work Wonders by Dansko collection.  Browse all the cute and comfy shoes from Work Wonders by Dansko and find the one that's perfect for you!

*Prices valid as of the publication date of this post (07/28/2017). See product pages for most up-to-date pricing.