​12 Coziest UGG Slippers for Women

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With autumn in the air, women all over the world are donning their UGG boots. The comfort and style of the UGG New Classics has made them a symbol of the season alongside pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, and plaid shirts. If you're one of those women who wish they never had to take their UGGs off, you're not alone. Good news for diehard UGG fans: UGG offers a huge selection of women's slippers that feature their signature sheepskin and UGGpure wool, so even when you're relaxing at home, you can enjoy the luxury of UGG comfort! We've rounded up a dozen of our most popular UGG slippers for women, so after a long day of admiring the leaves or cheering at a Friday night football game, you can give your feet the pampering they deserve!

1. UGG Dakota

UGG Dakota in Jester RedUGG Dakota in PewterUGG Dakota in Atlantic

UGG Dakota in Jester RedPewter, and Atlantic Blue

Slipping into the UGG Dakota is like wrapping your foot in a cloud. This fully-lined, moccasin-style UGG slipper is deceptively simple to the eye, yet is thoughtfully designed with every aspect of your comfort and convenience in mind. Reminiscent of the classic boat shoe, the Dakota's supple suede and 360° leather lacing lend a casual vibe in a variety of vibrant colorways while an endearing bow at the instep ties the look together. The sumptuous sockliner of UGGpure wool is not only remarkably plush, it naturally wicks away moisture and provides breathable insulation to keep your feet warm and dry. Plus, the UGG Dakota features a lightweight, molded rubber outsole, so you can take decadent comfort on the road. The versatile Dakota is equally at home whether you're lounging on the couch or picking the kids up from school. Pair this go-anywhere, do-anything slipper with yoga pants or your favorite jeans for a look that's as cute as it is comfy.

The basic women's UGG Dakota is available in a myriad of colors, as well as a few limited edition styles. For example, the UGG Dakota Brooch's velvet lacing and gorgeous Swarovski crystal ornament give the slipper an opulent upgrade. Whether you prefer the standard Dakota's enduring style or the eye-catching personality of one of its embellished variations, you're sure to take delight in every step with the UGG Dakota!

2. UGG Ansley

UGG Ansley in MoonlightUGG Ansley in Pajama Blue UGG Ansley Antoinette in Burgundy Wine

UGG Ansley in Moonlight and Pajama Blue; UGG Ansley Antoinette in Burgundy Wine

It doesn't get much cuter or cozier than the UGG Ansley. Another moccasin-style shoe, the Ansley dispenses with all the froufrou to give you an elegantly streamlined closed-back slipper that complements all your favorite casual clothes. Inside, this lovely slipper houses an insole and lining of lush, moisture-wicking UGGpure wool to keep your feet comfortable no matter the temperature, just like your UGG boots. Water-resistant suede and a molded rubber outsole make the Ansley your everyday off-duty footwear whether you're at home or on the go. If you're looking for a slipper that keeps your feet warm, dry, and indulgently comfortable no matter where you are, look no further than the UGG Ansley.

A clean profile with subtle decorative stitching makes the Ansley a smart fashion choice if you want the comfort of home when you're out and about. For a more dramatic look, the UGG Ansley Chunky Crystals is richly adorned with a sequence of brilliant Swarovski crystals across the instep. Another captivating option is the UGG Ansley Antoinette, which features alluring lace over a lustrous satin underlay. No matter your fashion preferences, every version of the UGG Ansley has two things in common: refined style and unbeatable comfort.

3. UGG Coquette

UGG Coquette in BlackUGG Coquette in ChestnutUGG Coquette in Sand

UGG Coquette in BlackChestnut, and Sand

The UGG Coquette lives up to its name by flirting with the line between fashion and function. A timeless open-back design gives the Coquette a charming silhouette that has "comfort" written all over it. The Coquette's upper of genuine twinface sheepskin make it a sweet dream for your tired feet—once your toes experience this cute UGG slipper's cozy interior, you'll never want to take it off. Like sheepskin UGG boots, the Coquette's lining is breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermostatic for the ultimate in coziness. The fuzzy sheepskin cuff provides a peek at the comfort that's inside, while an overlock stitch detail down the center adds interest to the Coquette's appearance. A heat-embossed patch makes the UGG logo clearly visible across the instep, a testament to the Coquette's quality and fashion-forward styling. A tough EVA outsole protects your foot indoors and out, offering traction with its textured surface.

Available in recognizable UGG colors like Chestnut and Grey, the Coquette is an essential addition to your collection of UGG footwear. It couldn't be easier to slide your foot into the UGG Coquette and be on your way in snug, comfy style. Whether you treat yourself to the Coquette when you're home for the evening or you relish its comfort all day long, your feet will thank you!

4. UGG Classic Slipper

UGG Classic Slipper in Bougainvillea     UGG Classic Slipper in Grey

UGG Classic Slipper in Bougainvillea and Grey

If you love the UGG New Classic boots, then the UGG Classic Slipper is sure to be your latest favorite. The familiar UGG boot silhouette is shaved down for this fashionable slipper, which offers everything you love about UGG boots and more. A memory foam insole fully lined with UGGpure wool gives your overworked feet the soothing comfort they've always wanted. Water-resistant suede, nylon binding, and a sturdy yet lightweight EVA outsole complete the Classic Slipper's outdoor-friendly design, so you can show off this chic slipper all over town. UGG boot devotees need look no further: Your perfect slipper is here!

5. UGG Scuffette II

UGG Scuffette II in Midnight     UGG Scuffette II Serein in Black

UGG Scuffette II in Midnight; UGG Scuffette II Serein in Black

The UGG Scuffette II sets the standard for traditional open-back slippers. A conventional silhouette in suede is taken to the next level by a natural sheepskin cuff that flaunts the lavish comfort within. A seam at the instep with overlock stitching enhances the Scuffette II's appeal, while the embossed UGG logo provides the finishing touch to this slipper's effortless style. The Scuffette II's outsole of clear rubber and cork provides lightweight durability, perfect for long-lasting indoor or light outdoor wear. If you're looking to really shine, the UGG Scuffette II Serein features an upper of textured, shimmering suede that adds sparkling personality to your casual ensemble.

6. UGG Moraene

UGG Moraene in Chestnut     UGG Moraene in Espresso

UGG Moraene in Chestnut and Espresso

Maybe you're a fan of the Scuffette II's overall look, but you want a bit more cozy coverage. Meet the Moraene! The UGG Moraene is a clog-like slipper fashioned from suede and generously lined with UGGpure wool. The same overlock-stitched seam detail and heat embossed logo that make the Scuffette II a style sensation adorn the Moraene. However, with the Moraene, your ankle is fully encircled by a collar of fluffy sheepskin for the utmost in satisfying softness. This enchanting UGG slipper's water-resistant upper and molded rubber outsole are tough enough to take on the outdoors without compromising on comfort or charm.

7. UGG Cluggette

UGG Cluggette in Sand    UGG Cluggette in Black

UGG Cluggette in Sand and Black

For a slipper that's no-nonsense and all comfort, the UGG Cluggette has you covered. The open-back Cluggette hugs your foot with cushioning twinface sheepskin, as warm and cozy as your favorite blanket. Every inch of the cute Cluggette offers up signature UGG comfort, from the plush collar to the light, supportive outsole. Speaking of the outsole, it's the same one you'll find on UGG Classic boots, which means you can sport the Cluggette anywhere you wish, indoors or outside. Let the UGG Cluggette get you where you need to go in comfort and style, whether it's to the grocery store or the next room.

8. UGG Aira

UGG Aira in Navy    UGG Aira Knit in Grey

UGG Aira in Navy; UGG Aira Knit in Grey

Cozy inside and out, the adorable UGG Aira is a sweet spin on the open-back slipper. An intriguing foxing stitch where the upper meets the sole lends the Aira a homespun look that's perfect for fall. An upper of smooth, water-resistant suede with a sheepskin collar makes this UGG slipper a delight for the eyes, while a rubber outsole lets you wear the Aira's casual style wherever you go. Add in a lining of breathable, natural UGGpure wool, and you've got a recipe for casual comfort. For a slipper that looks every bit as cozy as it feels, try the UGG Aira Knit: This special edition of the Aira features a chunky knit upper that calls to mind your favorite sweater or scarf.

9. UGG Wrin

UGG Wrin in Black     UGG Wrin in Chestnut

UGG Wrin in Black and Chestnut

A stylish closed-back cousin to the Aira, the UGG Wrin brings together gorgeous looks and maximum comfort in one fashionable slipper. Made from UGGpure-lined suede with a sheepskin collar, the Wrin completely surrounds your foot in plush coziness. Like the Aira, the Wrin features an artisan-inspired foxing stitch that evokes traditional craftsmanship. This decorative detail gives the Wrin its matchless personality, while the water-resistant upper and rubber outsole provide the rugged versatility you need to take this appealing UGG slipper outside. As lovely as it is lush, the UGG Wrin is one slipper you'll be proud to wear in public.

10. UGG Nita

UGG Nita in Chestnut        UGG Nita in Grey

UGG Nita in Chestnut and Grey

A unique yet patently UGG silhouette gives the Nita a definitive edge when it comes to laid-back style. This slipper envelops your foot in insulating UGGpure wool within an upper of premium suede, while a collar of twinface sheepskin rings your ankle in cozy warmth. An indoor/outdoor EVA outsole makes the Nita your ideal companion for weekend errands or taking the dog for a morning walk. Gracefully simple, this UGG slipper makes it easier than ever to keep your feet comfortable all day long. The UGG Nita is perfect for the chic woman on the go!

11. UGG Tasman

UGG Women's Tasman in Chestnut       UGG Women's Tasman in Chocolate

UGG Women's Tasman in Chestnut and Chocolate

If style is your main concern, you can't go wrong with the UGG Tasman. With a closed-back clog design and intricately embroidered Tasman Braid collar, this suede UGG slipper looks great with jeans, sweatpants, and all your comfiest loungewear. Inside, a sockliner of natural sheepskin provides padding and keeps feet warm and dry. Built on UGG's Classic EVA outsole, the UGG Tasman is lightweight and cushioned for indoor use yet tough enough to withstand outdoor wear. This UGG slipper is a must-have for those with high standards for both comfort and fashion.

(And if you love the Tasman enough to share the joy, there's a Men's UGG Tasman for the guys in your life, too!)

12. UGG Alena

UGG Alena in Midnight    UGG Alena in Spice

UGG Alena in Midnight and Spice

The UGG Alena is a standout in every possible way. This stunning UGG slipper features a unique foldable collar: Wear it standing tall to completely encase your ankle in the luxurious UGGpure lining, or fold it down to make everyone envious of the cozy interior. A fixed leather bow and skillfully stitched moc toe give the Alena its classic style, and the moisture-resistant suede and molded rubber outsole make this beauty sidewalk-safe. Not only is the versatile UGG Alena a beloved, bestselling style, it's been featured as one of Oprah's "Favorite Things"—and who's going to argue with Lady O?

UGG women's slippers are a delightful way to treat yourself this fall, but they also make a great gift idea for moms, sisters, daughters, and friends as the holiday season approaches. Perfect for every UGG enthusiast, these slippers are sure to be your new favorite footwear whether you spend your downtime on the couch or out and about. Your feet work hard each and every day—reward them with the extraordinary comfort of UGG slippers for women!