Shoe Year's Resolutions

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Shoe Year's Resolutions

New year, new shoes is almost the same as new shoes, new you! This year, make a New Year's Resolutions to be better to one thing you can't replace - your feet. From pampering them to making them the highlight of your outfit, we're officially dedicating this upcoming year to feet!

Focus more on comfort rather than style

But, we're all for merging the two if possible! It's so important that people take comfort seriously; you only get one set of feet and you need to take care of them! Finding shoes with the proper fit is crucial to foot care. If you live around one of our six Indiana locations, stop by for a fitting from one of our shoe specialists!

Use shoe care regularly

This seems so simple but many people forget to do it. In our humble opinion, shoe care is the one thing that can make your shoes look newer for longer. By spraying your shoes initially, you help to create a barrier against stains setting into the fibers of the shoes. We recommend spraying your shoes once every few months just as a refresher. If applicable, a leather moisturizer is suggested to help ward off unsightly scuffs and scrapes.


Make sure you have the basics covered

And keep them up kept! What we mean by this is make sure to have a few staples in your closet. For women, this includes a comfortable pair of flats, a comfortable pair of heels, and a supportive pair of athletic shoes. For men this includes a pair of dress shoes, a pair of athletic shoes, and a pair of casual shoes. This may involve that dreaded task - cleaning out your closet. Although that task may be daunting, we prefer quality over quantity any day. 

Choose a statement piece - and make it your shoes.

Take fashion risks with your shoes! We understand that not all comfort shoes are statement pieces. Stylish shoes are fine in moderation, but make sure you're wearing them in short increments. We do have some statement shoes we're proud of, check them out here.