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Brand Spotlight: OluKai

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Brand Spotlight: OluKai

What does it mean to live aloha? Most people have heard the word from movies or TV shows where surfers use it as a replacement for hello and goodbye. Actually, aloha is a Hawaiian word that encompasses the spirit of connectedness and of being at one with the world around you. It’s a greeting that’s more than a greeting, like namaste or shalom. If you want to know what it means to live aloha, we suggest you ask OluKai! Inspired by Hawaiian culture and values, they believe that living the aloha lifestyle is vital for everyone, even footwear companies.

About OluKai

OluKai takes its name for the Hawaiian words for “comfortable” and “ocean,” a fitting name for this brand so deeply rooted in the island nation. They dig deep into their Hawaiian heritage, naming all of their footwear with Hawaiian words and practicing sustainability measures. They’re a B-Certified Corporation, meaning they excel in socially conscious and environmentally sustainable performance, and they are also members of the Conservation Alliance. OluKai’s core value is aloha, believing that it is necessary to give with no expectation of receiving anything in return. They launched their Ama OluKai foundation in 2014 to partner with other progressive organizations to preserve the land and the ocean, serve Hawaiian communities, and maintain Hawaiian culture and traditions.

This company with a conscience is also committed to quality products. OluKai’s design philosophy is that every product they produce has to offer style, comfort, and durability from heel to toe. They’re focused on using premium materials that look good and feel good. They source their leathers from certified environmentally conscious tanneries and use recycled rubber in their soles. When they use synthetic materials in their water-friendly products, they use materials that are designed to be quick-drying and tough. OluKai doesn’t just say that they’re committed to quality, though. They back their products with a 1-year guarantee, replacing products that fall apart from defects.

OluKai Sandals & Shoes

OluKai has two basic collections of footwear, Mauka and Makai. Mauka is a Hawaiian word that means “towards the land.” The shoes in this collection are predominately closed toe and made with leather, though some may be made of canvas or twill fabric. The Mauka shoes need to be kept out of the water. Makai means “towards the sea,” and the products in the Makai collection are 100% synthetic, meant to be worn in and around the water. They’re quick-drying and durable, even after getting soaked repeatedly. Whether you want a sandal to stroll on the beach in or a shoe to wear while you’re exploring the town, OluKai has something for you.

OluKai’s shoes stand out thanks to more than just their use of premium materials and water-ready collections. You’ll fall in love with their comfortable contoured footbeds inspired by the feeling of stepping in wet sand. The footbed is meant to mimic the anatomic contouring of the way the sand compresses around the foot: the heel sinking in, sand pressing up into the arch, and the natural spread of the toes. The heel of the OluKai footbed cradles and stabilizes your heel, an anatomical arch support reinforces a natural arch shape, and a roomy toe box allows your toes to spread.

OluKai’s shoes also feature a very cool bit of patented technology called the Drop-In Heel®. This useful design detail allows the shoes to function as both shoes and slides. The heel of the shoe is made of a separate panel of fabric, sewn on in a specific way that allows it to be folded down under the heel without damaging the shoe. You can have the ease of a slide or the security of a shoe without having to buy two different pairs of footwear!

Favorite OluKai Footwear


OluKai Women's Ohana in Dahlia/BlackOluKai Men's Ohana in Black

Right: OluKai Women's Ohana in Dahlia/Black. Also available in Bubbly/BlackDark Java/Dark Java, and a variety of other color combinations.

Left: OluKai Men's Ohana in Black. Also available in Black/Dark ShadowClay/Black, and a variety of other colors and styles.

Ohana means family (and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten). You certainly won't be able to forget this super comfy flip flop! OluKai's anatomic footbed will support your foot every step of the way, and the razor siped rubber sole will keep you upright in even slippery conditions. The quick-drying synthetic straps make the Ohana flip flop the perfect sandal to bring along on a beach vacation. They also ensure that the Ohana is a vegan friendly sandal option. The Ohana comes in a variety of colors for men and women so there's a look for every wardrobe!

The OluKai Ohana sandal is $64.95* for men and women.

Maloa Kohana

OluKai Maloa Kohana in Clay/Clay.

Maloa Kohana means lazy, the perfect name for this laidback look. This casual shoe features OluKai's Drop-In Heel® combined with elastic gore for ultimate easy comfort. Stylish perforation on the upper looks cool, and it feels cool, too, since it allows for a nice airflow through this shoe! The contoured anatomic footbed is removable and washable, so wearing this shoe without socks is no cause for alarm. The all weather rubber outsole features traction pods for reliable slip resistance. The Maloa Kohana will be your new casual weekend go to all summer long.

The OluKai Men's Maloa Kohana is $129.95.*

For quality casual footwear, you can't go wrong with OluKai. Live aloha!

*All prices are valid as of the posting date

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