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What is Vibram Arctic Grip?

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What is Arctic Grip?

Winter is coming for the Northern Hemisphere. If you haven't looked at a forecast recently, you might be in for a bit of a shock: according to The Weather Channel the temperature is expected to drop dramatically in the next few days to freezing temperatures, a cold jolt after our relatively mild fall. These polar plunges bring with them a storm of viral videos that will last the whole season. What kind of viral videos, you ask? Well, ones like this:

Viral video uploaded by Caroline Charter.

Yes, for some reason we all love to watch our fellow man slip, slide, and wipe out completely on the ice. It's always funny when it's happening to someone else, but if you were the one slipping around, we bet you wouldn't be laughing. Who wants to be stuck sliding down a driveway? No one, that's who.

Now, what if we told you there was a technology that could help eliminate (or at least exponentially reduce) your fear of becoming a slipping and sliding viral video star? Because that's what we're about to do. Meet Vibram® Arctic Grip™, one of Vibram's newest technologies designed to give up to three times better traction on slick wet ice.

What is Vibram Arctic Grip?

Strictly speaking, we don't exactly know. The material is a proprietary technology researched and developed by Vibram®, and unsurprisingly they've been relatively tight-lipped about what, exactly, it is comprised of. We do know that Arctic Grip™ is an advanced rubber compound with other filler components. When you actually feel the Arctic Grip™ rubber, it feels gritty, almost like sandpaper. It's designed specifically for enhanced traction on wet ice, that especially perilous material that historically has not mixed well with rubber. Shoes with Vibram® Arctic Grip™ on the sole stick tight to the slick surface. Don't believe us? Watch this:

Actic Grip™ test video from Vibram.

We might not know exactly what Vibram® Arctic Grip™ is made of, but it seems pretty effective to us. 

How Can I Spot Arctic Grip?

You'll spot Arctic Grip® soles easily thanks to their distinctive blue or yellow speckling and thermocromatic lug that turns blue when the temperature drops to freezing or below!

Merrell Men's Overlook 6 Ice+ Waterproof

The sole of the Merrell Men's Overlook 6 Ice+ Waterproof with Vibram® Arctic Grip™.

Where Can I Find Arctic Grip?

On the soles of your shoes! In all seriousness, though, Vibram® Arctic Grip™ soles can be found on several brands and styles of shoes for both men and women. Here's just a couple of examples:

Merrell Men's Coldpack Ice+ Moc Waterproof

Merrell Men's Coldpack Ice+ Moc Waterproof in Brown

The Merrell Men's Coldpack Ice+ Moc Waterproof in Brown. Also available in Black.

The Merrell Men's Coldpack Ice+ Moc Waterproof features M Select™ DRY technology, a removable EVA foam footbed, and a Conductor™ fleece lining in addition to a Vibram® Arctic Grip™ sole, making this men's shoe one heck of a winter warrior.

The Merrel Men's Coldpack Ice+ Moc Waterproof is $129.95*.

UGG Women's Classic Short Waterproof

UGG Women's Classic Short Waterproof in Chestnut

The UGG Women's Classic Short Waterproof in Chestnut. Also available in BlackMetal, and Sand.

The comfort you expect from an UGG Classic boot, now with waterproof suede and fully sealed seams. Add in a Vibram® Arctic Grip™ sole and you've got a cute and cozy boot that you can wear no matter how bad the weather might get.

The UGG Women's Classic Short Waterproof is $199.95*.

Opt for winter-readiness with Vibram® Arctic Grip™ and stay on your feet all season long. Be sure to browse our other Arctic Grip™ options here on our website to find the perfect footwear for your closet. Don't let the winter get you down (or knock you down) this year!

*All prices valid as of the posting date (12/08/2017)

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