The Top 5 Styles for Men

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Do men really care about their shoes? Surprisingly, yes, and for obvious reasons – they wear them all day. The joke behind women’s shoes, “If they’re killing your feet, they must look fabulous.”  Men do not subscribe to that way of thinking. But luckily for them, Englin’s likes the idea of looking good, but feeling even better. So what kind of shoes should a man own? Well we’re here to breakdown The Top 5 Styles for Men.


Let’s start with what some men deem the most painful, the sandal. Sandals can be great, easy to slip on, great for warm weather or you might just like the freeing feeling. Sandals are a great warm-weather shoe and with some of the brands we carry like OluKaiBirkenstock and Merrell, their sandals have amazing support, fantastic quality and the durability is outstanding! Whatever the use or purpose of your sandal Englin’s has a great variety!

A Casual Shoe

What is a casual shoe? You could probably find an argument that a casual shoe is any type of shoe that isn’t dressy. Well at Englin’s Fine Footwear we carry a wide range of shoes that fit into that "casual" category. Here at Englin’s we consider a casual shoe something very versatile, and can be worn with both pants and shorts. They can be lace up or slip on and come in basically any color and material. We think casual shoes are great for everyday wear and allows for a variety of styles and trends. Sperry and OluKai have some of the most comfortable and stylish options.

A Nice Pair of Dress Shoes

A nice pair of dress shoe is important for every man to own. You might not wear it every day and maybe only once a year, but a good pair of dress shoes is essential for every man. It makes an impression you might not be aware it is making. It shows you are professional, put together and capable of taking on whatever the day, or night may bring. Sorry ladies, but a man’s dress shoe tends to be a little more comfortable than our 4 inch stilettos. Brands like ECCOAllen Edmonds, and Clarks have some fantastic styles and amazing technology in their foot beds for support and all day comfort.


We know plenty of men who don’t own any boots, but why don’t they? Boots can serve so many purposes! Whether it be a cold-weather boot, dress boot or work boot - the masculinity and sturdiness of a boot should be a staple in every man’s closet. Check out some of our ECCO’sUGGMerrell, and Clarks boots for great options.

Athletic Shoes

Let’s end on a high-note with the athletic shoe. While not every man is interested in athletic shoes, we typically see them as the most comfortable type of shoe for men. For wearing everyday to actually working out, an athletic shoe is great to have in your closet. More and more men these days have multiple pairs in a variety of colors and styles. With brands like New Balance and Merrell you’re guaranteed comfort, durability and great looks. 

Of course there are so many styles to choose from for men! We definitely have something for every style and every season. Visit for all of our Men's shoes and styles!