Birkenstock: Introducing Vegan Shoes

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Last week on the blog, we introduced you to some of our favorite new styles for Spring 2017. Now, we want to showcase an exciting new line from one of our most popular brands, Birkenstock: The Birkenstock Vegan collection! These cruelty-free versions of some of Birkenstock's most beloved styles will make you feel even better about flaunting trendy Birkenstock sandals and clogs. If you're vegan or vegetarian, an animal lover or simply someone trying to use fewer animal products in their everyday life, you'll love these new Birkenstocks!

If you're not sure what is meant by "vegan shoes," it simply means that these new Birkenstocks don't contain any animal products whatsoever. Instead of leather, suede, or other animal skins, the Birkenstock Vegan line features microfiber uppers, which are made of durable, synthetic materials that look and feel like smooth nubuck leather. There are also no animal products in the footbeds (which are often leather-covered) or in any adhesives used to bond the materials together. For those who prefer cruelty-free products, the new Birkenstock Vegan shoes are a fashionable, conscientious option.

Birkenstock has offered these vegan styles to their European customers for a while now, but has brought the collection to the U.S. in limited quantities. Now, American customers can enjoy vegan versions of their favorite Birkenstock shoes! We're pleased to offer you these styles, which are sure to be some of our bestsellers for Spring 2017!

Birkenstock Arizona Vegan

Birkenstock Arizona Vegan in Anthracite Microfiber    Birkenstock Arizona Vegan in Cocoa Brown Microfiber

Birkenstock Arizona Vegan in Anthracite Microfiber and Cocoa Brown Microfiber.

The Birkenstock Arizona is Birkenstock's flagship style. This iconic two-strap sandal is often a style statement of the young, cool, and carefree, yet it also offers comfort anyone can appreciate with its cozy footbed and versatile design. Sensible yet trendy, the Birkenstock Arizona Vegan is a casual unisex sandal with widespread appeal.

The Birkenstock Arizona Vegan has a synthetic, microfiber upper with two buckled straps, sporting the silhouette most commonly associated with the Birkenstock brand. The hardy microfiber upper features a nubuck-like feel and a soft backing to keep your feet comfy in every possible way. One of Birkenstock's most beloved features, the contoured cork footbed, is very much a part of the Arizona Vegan. The only difference is that its lining is synthetic instead of leather. This doesn't affect the sandal's comfort, which lies in the footbed's cork composition and ergonomic design. Cork naturally conforms to your foot's unique shape, and with the Arizona Vegan's adjustable straps, you'll get a personalized fit every time. Plus, Birkenstock sandal footbeds feature arch support, a deep heel cup, and a raised toe bar, giving you the support you need with every step. To finish off this stylish sandal, an outsole of lightweight EVA offers cushioning and shock absorption. Simple to the eye but full of hidden comforts, the Birkenstock Arizona Vegan is a delight to wear for both women and men.

Your Arizona Vegans will look best with clothes that are as casual and cool as they are: shorts, tees, and tanks. This quintessential warm-weather shoe will take you wherever you want to go this summer, and you'll enjoy luxurious comfort in every step.

Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan

Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan in Navy Microfiber

Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan in Navy Microfiber.

The Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan has much in common with the Arizona: it's simple, versatile, and effortlessly cool. The Gizeh Vegan, however, is a more feminine, thong-style sandal, perfect for showing off your pedicure.

Like the Arizona, the Gizeh Vegan's upper is crafted from soft, leather-like microfiber. Its instep strap is adjustable to allow for a customized fit, a feature that's rare for a thong-style sandal. The toe post is even anatomically contoured for your comfort! Birkenstock-stamped hardware leaves no room for doubt that you've got a pair of trendy, high-quality sandals on your feet. Of course, the Gizeh Vegan also boasts Birkenstock's cork footbed that will mold to the unique shape of your foot for a fit that's impossible to beat. The heel cup, arch support, raised toe bar, and roomy toe box combine to support your foot while allowing it to move and spread naturally. Finally, the Gizeh Vegan's EVA sole is light yet durable, cushioning each step you take.

The Birkenstock Gizeh Vegan looks great with shorts and a cute top, but you can also wear it underneath sundresses and flowy skirts, adding a laidback vibe to any outfit. Slip into the Gizeh Vegan with ease and go enjoy your summer in style!

Birkenstock Boston Vegan

Birkenstock Boston Vegan in Anthracite Microfiber  Birkenstock Boston Vegan in Cocoa Brown Microfiber

Birkenstock Boston Vegan in Anthracite Microfiber and Cocoa Brown Microfiber.

The Boston's backless clog design is another Birkenstock classic, and the Birkenstock Boston Vegan takes this enduring style to the next level by making it cruelty-free. If you're looking for convenience with a little more coverage, the Boston Vegan is a no-brainer. This long-established coolest of clogs is unisex like the Arizona, so anyone can enjoy its lavish comfort.

The Boston Vegan offers another way to wear Birkenstock's animal-free microfiber. As a clog, the Boston Vegan encloses your toes, but don't worry: It's known for having a spacious toe box that encourages your foot's natural spread, so you'll feel as comfortable as if you were wearing open-toed sandals. Similar to the Gizeh, the Boston Vegan has an adjustable instep strap with an easy-to-use metal buckle, so you get a perfectly snug, not-too-tight fit every time. These clogs will stay on your feet without pinching or irritating them—truly a rare achievement!

We can't forget about the Birkenstock cork footbed. In the Birkenstock Boston Vegan, the anatomically molded footbed still offers arch support and a generous heel cup, but the sandals' toe bar (which increases the foot's ability to grip) is unnecessary. The footbed is lined with soft microfiber for ultimate coziness. Add a light, protective EVA sole, and you have a shoe that's designed for comfort from top to bottom!

The Birkenstock Boston Vegan goes best with jeans, pants, capris, and shorts. The best thing about these backless clogs is that you can wear them with socks and denim or corduroy pants to combat the chilliness of early spring, but once the temperatures warm up, you can lose the socks, swap the pants for shorts, and enjoy a comfy, breathable summer shoe!

About Birkenstock

Birkenstock has a proud and storied shoemaking history that stretches all the way back to 1774. In fact, it was a Birkenstock shoemaker (Konrad Birkenstock, in 1902) who patented the very first contoured arch support! Arch-supporting footbeds and their role in producing comfortable, healthful shoes remain a cornerstone of the Birkenstock brand to this day. A surge in popularity due to the hippie culture of the 70's cemented Birkenstock as a cool, youthful, top-quality name in shoes, and that reputation remains intact to this day.

German in origin, Birkenstock still crafts all their shoes at home in Germany. While tradition and experience lend Birkenstock shoes their enduring appeal and unmatched quality, this is no company that sits on its laurels. Birkenstock embraces the latest technologies and modern materials while holding fast to the highest standards of fine European craftsmanship. It's this fusion of past and present that gives Birkenstock shoes their uniquely timeless charm.

You don't have to be vegan yourself to LOVE these new Birkenstock Vegan shoes. But if you're looking for small ways to use fewer animal products, this is a great place to start! Cruelty-free shoes and clothes are becoming more and more common, and we're excited to support Birkenstock as they join this growing movement!